we'll know where we are when we get there.


a) I bought a vacuum cleaner. Sure, it's probably a hell of a lot crappier than I can actually afford, but let's be honest here, I just need something to suck up all the dog fur that isn't a hand-vac. Do you know how long that takes even in an apartment of relatively small square footage? Like, a million years. Don't worry, though, I balanced my adult-type decision out with a few unnecessary purchases at ye olde community health food store.

b) Sometimes I read through ages old journals and realize what a truly fucked person I was. Not that I'm a super fantastic person currently, but I'm probably much closer to being Jesus now than I was in my 20s. It's been years and years since I've blackmailed anybody... I must be doing something right.

c) The boys who cheated on their girlfriends with me throughout the years were always way hotter than the ones who were actually my boyfriends.

d) It's funny that certain people are pretty much my best friends ever on Earth as long as we don't live in the same city... but then when we do? Not even an email requesting a random hangout. What the fuck? I'm starting to see some serious 'friends off' happening in the near future.

e) I think I might be having a midlife crisis about work versus school. I'm actually considering putting the condo on the market and taking a leave of absence from my job to go back to school full time so that I can become something really awesome in my 40s. This is probably a really horrible idea.

f) I need to join a gym.

g) A lot of people say that YYZ is really alienating, but I disagree. I feel more alienated and alone in YYC. Why no love for me, YYC? It's like you want me to leave.

h) There is no h). This blog post is all propaganda, anyway.