requisite new year post

I forget I have a blog, sometimes. I mean, until opportunities to post something actually present themselves. Like right now. Having some software issues at the ol' job that I can't get around. What better to do than write up a New Year's/recap of previous year blog post, then?

We all know that 2011 fucking sucked in general. Everything that could've gone wrong went wrong. The dog was sick with 5 different ailments back to back, and that left me in the lurch financially. I applied and interviewed for a job that I really wanted and was kind of banking on...only to get passed over after all was said and done. My reclassification at my current job didn't go through AGAIN, so I am trapped in my salary bracket for another year. And all the personal bullshit that happened. I don't want to air it all on here, because most of you already know since we're friends in real life. A lot of stuff went down that really got fucked up and did a number on me. I had my heart broken, and even broke a heart or two. It wasn't pretty.

And then? And then, December happened. It was the month when I finally threw down and said "You know what? Fuck it. Life is too short to have this entire year be shitty." I did away with all of the negative people who were dragging me down. I made friends with a ton of new and fantastic people. Had first kisses with new people. I went on 3-day benders. On dates. On moonlit walks through the snow. To a cute boy's work Christmas party. I saw some good shows. I smiled so much I thought my face might break. December was fucking magical. Yeah, I said that. But it was. And the icing on the cake was that my midnight kiss on New Year's Eve was pretty much the perfect kiss, with the exact boy that I wanted it to be with. It doesn't really get better than that.

So, 2012. What do I have planned? Well...lots. I'll put it in list form, because that's what I like to do.

1) I've decided to not cover up the bro tat on my ankle, but work around it. The more I thought about it, the more I realized I'd like to have it there as a reminder. We all need reminders sometimes. Also, I've decided the ankle tattoo isn't the first one I'm going to get done. I'm going to get the horseshoe on my forearm to remind myself that I'm pretty goddamned lucky in a lot of ways. I'm planning to get at least half of my planned tattoos this year. Finally.

2) With the help of the most adorable boy on the planet, I'm buying a van. I know. I probably don't really need a second vehicle. But this is something I've been sitting on for quite sometime, and there's no better time than right now to do it. The boy is good with mechanical stuff, hence why I'm enlisting his help (so I spend my money well, and to help with anything that needs replacing/rebuilding). My plan for the van is for it to be my summer vehicle. Lots of camping in BC. I can't wait.

3) I'm picking up a part-time job. I held off on it for awhile, but I need the extra cash now with all the upcoming tattoos and the van. Plus, it will help me maintain my social life without going broke all the time. I'm a month behind on some of my bills right now, so I've gotta fix that.

4) I am not going to pretend to not be a dirtbag hippie anymore. I've spent too much time trying to be something I'm not, and I've grown weary of it. I'm not going to sweat the small stuff, like certain people not being down with me. I know that not everyone on Earth is going to like me, but whatever. I'm rad. And if they can't see that/accept that? Their loss. One thing that happened at the tail end of last year is that I met my nemesis. It means I'll have to watch my back this year. The thing is? I can handle it. The key to beating girls like that is not joining them, but constantly being more awesome than they are.

5) I will phase out all the bad/negative people in my life. This should be easy, since I kind of did the bulk of that last year. But there are a few stragglers that I haven't really had the chance to deal with yet. I don't want to be surrounded by people who bring negative energy into my life anymore. It's polluted my mindset, and caused infinite amounts of bullshit. It's not worth it, and I'm fucking tired of being bogged down by people who refuse to see the silver lining. Sometimes it may seem like everything sucks, but a lot of the time things suck because you're not doing enough to fix what's wrong or broken. That's really all there is to it. There's no secret. Happiness is something you have to work at and build...if you're too lazy or complacent for that, then I really don't have the time to deal with you anymore.

And...uh...that's kind of it. Hope your 2012 is off to a fantastic start.