oh hey.

So yeah, my updates are few and far between... pretty unlike my cousin. But that's how I roll, I guess. The death of AI last month had me making a last-minute decision to go to Hawaii. Not Kauai, mind you, but I went to Maui. I meant to surf more than the one time, but I'm pretty terrible (come on, there are no oceans where I live, so it's hard to get good), plus the waves were pretty tiny. The breaks are more cooperative from December onward. Next time.

I have been slacking off on my running, which is really bad. Diet-wise I am doing okay, and my pilates class is helping me keep my core-strength up, but I have only run ONCE in the past 2 weeks. May last run was in Maui, and was a mere 5k. So bad. But on the positive side, my pace was pretty fast. I probably did about 6:30-45, so that's unheard of for me. I have a fun run coming up next weekend (my running partner/friend and I are running in Santa suits), though, so it's all good. Then another couple weeks of sheer laziness before it's time to pick up the pace again for my 10k clinic (starting January 11th). After that, it's half marathon training. I had planned to do the half by late August... but now it's looking more like November in Seattle. Either way, at least I'm still more-or-less on schedule. Holiday season is a bad time of year for me, though, because I'm weak when it comes to all the delicious food available. Have you SEEN the Superstore flyers? The desserts are off the hook. Dude. Luckily I'm not much of a drinker anymore, or I'd be in some serious trouble. As it is, though it would appear that I am at my heaviest weight in at least a couple of years, a good portion of it is muscle rather than fat, so I'm happy with that. A few Christmas treats and libations probably won't hurt me, so long as I hit it hard in the new year.

A lot of people are bitching about the snow (I sort of did at first, but I was just in motherfucking Hawaii, so at least my excuse is valid), but I am stoked as all get out to hit the hills pretty quick. I hate how I ditched skiing for a few years due to my former level of inactivity. Living so close to top notch slopes, it's totally a shame when people don't shred or ride. Seriously, what is the point of living here if you don't do either of those things? Okay, so maybe your family is here and all that, and that's why... but then these people are the ones forever complaining about how cold it is, or how much it snows. I'm a traditionalist, so I never made the switch to snowboarding; I'm just more comfortable on sticks is all. Looks like it'll be a good season, though. I'm thinking of heading out sometime during the week off I have. Sweet times.

Well, that's kind of it for now. Oh yeah, year end at work got pushed ahead to February... might be able to hit up Hawaii again in the New Year. Here's hoping.

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