where the f*** is our snowpocalypse?

I promise I'm still blogging. Sort of. I realize I haven't really posted anything since the beginning of December, but still here! I think I'll just revert back to list format for this update since it's just easier that way.

a) Bad hair. Like, all around. I thought I'd be awesome and grow my hair out. You may or may not recall that I spent all of last year rocking a pixie-ish cut in various colours (not at the same time... I just changed hair colours every time I went in for a trim). Verdict? All that toner and dye has left my hair super fried. So I'm giving it a break and not cutting or colouring it until possibly June. I know. I don't think I can last that long, either. But for one thing, I basically cannot afford my hair stylist right now; she is beyond fantastic, but her prices are high... and I have to pay all my bills somehow. So, I guess growing my hair out is half out of necessity, and half out of poverty. Or wait... aren't they essentially the same thing?

b) Running. Yeah, I am still training for my eventual half marathon. Thing is, it's now been pushed from spring, to summer, to fall, and finally to winter. Well, technically it's still fall, since the official date is December 4th. The race is the Rock 'n' Roll Las Vegas Marathon. And... how exactly is training going? Kind of badly. My 10k running clinic started in the dead of winter, and I have discovered that I pretty much despise running in snow. So I tend to go on these shortened runs (like, 3-6k only), and of course hill training starts this week RIGHT after a 30cm + snowfall. Goddamnit. You know what? I have a lot of respect for seasoned athletes. They don't make all the excuses I make about why they can't train properly. They just do it. I guess, then, thank goodness no one is relying on me to do any of this but myself. And 'relying' is a pretty loose term in my case...

c) Interesting fact: I haven't purchased anything from Starbucks since the beginning of December. For true! It is part of my attempt to cut unnecessary spending. Is it helping? Um... not so much. I'm quite broke from Christmas, so I don't have a lot of extra cash lying around anyway. But I think it will help in the long run. I've been able to stretch $100 much further than if I was still buying Starbucks everyday. You'd be amazed how far $100 goes when you focus only on things you actually need. Which, in my case, is really not that much.

d) WTF, Superbowl? And I don't mean the game. My team, true to form, did not win... but I definitely think the better team won. Anyway, I'm actually speaking of the entertainment. BEP... really? So bad. And how about Lea Michele singing 'America the Beautiful'? I know people are raving about how great she was in comparison to Xtina (we'll get to that shortly), but that's just it. In COMPARISON. They must engineer the fuck out of her voice on 'Glee', because she sounds just awful live. And Xtina, dude... no amount of fancy vocal tricks can change the fact that you DON'T KNOW THE WORDS TO YOUR OWN NATIONAL ANTHEM! Oh man.

e) Don't you just hate creepy people with whom you have to share an apartment/condo complex? Ugh. Really, it's why I try my hardest NOT to associate with my neighbours unless I can't avoid it.

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