things. things? things!

1) You know what I really don't like? People who get movie titles wrong. Okay, so sometimes I get movie tiles fucked up too, but it usually goes something like this: "You know that movie...? The one about spies from the future... I can't remember what it's called? I think it starts with an 'N' maybe." So I don't actually ever say what the movie is called because I never remember. What I mean is people who keep calling a movie the wrong title. The only reason this pisses me off is because doesn't everybody have internet these days? You can't just look that shit up so that you start using the CORRECT title? It's not difficult.

2) Ditto for people who always spell names wrong. Especially on thing like Facebook, where you can actually see on peoples' profiles how their names are spelled. I don't like people like that. Heck, I bet their own parents don't like them much.

3) What is the point of having a phone that you never answer? or voicemail you never check? Honestly, should I just delete you from my contacts? Because dude. really.

4) Is it bad that when I'm driving and see that the person behind me is talking on their cell, I sometimes slam on the brakes to see how good their reflexes are? I'm guessing it's pretty bad to do that. But still... I like to check. At the very least I can make them drop their stupid phone, and then I win.

5) No, I don't spend my whole life doing mean stuff like that.

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