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Are you getting bored of my health and fitness posts yet? Then maybe you need to find another fucking blog to read... because this is mine, and this is what I feel like talking about right now. I trust this is clear.

So, in my last post I wrote that I don't care about how much I weigh. While that is mostly true, I realize that I am also one of the most vain people in this world, and a lot of how much I weigh has to do with how I think I look. And...? Let me just say- for the record- that I have looked better. When did I look better? Well, here's the problem; I looked better when I was a pack-a-day smoker. I know, right? I had the most positive body image when I could keep the weight off with cigarettes. Most of you know that I quit smoking almost 3 years ago, and I have no intention whatsoever of picking up the habit again (sometimes when I'm on holidays I will have a 'cheat' cigarette, but since holidays for me happen only once a year, it's inconsequential). What this has meant for me is that I no longer have a method of staving off my cravings for bad food. I am definitely the type of person who, while primarily making healthy choices at the supermarket, will totally load up on ice cream, cookies, and potato chips. For 'emergencies' is what I say. What that actually translates to is an 'emergency' almost every night while watching TV.

Yeah... not good. Currently, I weigh in at almost 150 lbs (okay, so it's really 147.5, but that is dangerously close), which is fucking terrible considering my height is just a hair under 5'6. To be fair, a lot of the weight is probably leg weight since I am a runner, but it's still not ideal, since I am now considered almost overweight. So, for the first time in a long time, I went grocery shopping yesterday and DID NOT purchase any junk food. No ice cream, no potato chips.
I am determined to lose around 25 lbs by next June.

This morning I found out that my 10k running clinic has been postponed until December 7th, which will kind of set me back... so I am filling the space with boot camps and pilates classes (which I probably really need, as I have barely any core strength to speak of), and I will keep doing the practice runs on Wednesdays and Sundays. Plus, it will snow in no time, so skiing should make its way into the agenda in another month. I would say I want to get rid of alcohol as well, but the truth is that I do not drink much anymore. Really! Not even once a week. So for now booze can stay. And what about fast food? After all, I am notorious for hating to cook, and loving the convenience that McDonald's etc. bring to my life. I've decided that fast food is okay occasionally, but will need to be counteracted by a run. A good run, too, not some shitty little lunch-time faker.

So, that's that. Stay tuned to hear about my progress. Or maybe just for other posts about the crap that regularly runs through my brain that has nothing at all to do with my physical well-being. Either way.

Later, skaters.

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