friday twitter convo.

>Problem solved. Hot chocolate mix in the office cabinet. Had to choose between "Hazelnut Passion" and "Chocolate Embrace".


>I know. Sounds like a romance novel or porno.

>Seriously awful blaxploitation porno, at that.

>"Chocolate Embrace" with Pam Grier as Sexy Maid and William H. Marshall as Blacula. Sexy chocolate blood sucking.

>Great, now I'm thinking about Coming to America and the band Sexual Chocolate. I fucking love Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall together.

>Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall in 'Chocolate Embrace'...?

>Oooooh...you just blew my mind like Arsenio blows Eddie in that awesome pretend movie.

>HAHA! Methinks Mr. Murphy and Mr. Hall owe us some dough for 'pretend resurrecting' their careers...

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