son of a...

I did my taxes. I didn't buy any RSPs (or RRSPs, or whatever they're called... I'm not one of those financial dudes), so let me tell you that my tax return was... AWESOME. And by awesome, I mean it was retarded. It was under $20. In fact, it was even under $18. Yep, the joys of being in a higher tax bracket this year. I figure that if I wanted a return of over $100, I would have had to contribute at least $23,000 to RRSPs.
Um... no thanks. I have enough trouble eating properly.

But that's no the point I want to get across today. Today I want to talk about my concern for the 'white bunnies' (well, they're actually jack rabbits or hares, I'm told). They hop around all winter, hidden by the snow, but in the spring time their fur changes color to blend them into their surroundings. Sorry this sounds like a grade 2 science class, but stay with me. This year, we had basically a 6 month long winter, so the bunnies are already brown... and last night it snowed again.

Let me show you my cause for concern (please click on the diagrams to make them bigger, so you can read the text):

Figure 1:

As you can see (or can't see, in the case of this beautifully rendered, and highly scientific diagram), the bunny is perfectly camouflaged against the snow.

Figure 2:

Now you can see that the bunny thought spring had come and decided he was going to turn brown (again... not sure that they actually 'decide' to do this, or if they're just on some kind of timer). Then it decided to snow again. Those are large, carnivorous birds eyeing him from up above.

Basically, I am worried that those birds are going to eat the bunnies.
That's kind of it.



Squidpod said...

You would eat the bunnies too, If you thought they were Chocolate like the Hawks do.

missvoltage said...

I guess so. They can't really tell from that far up, so it's probably mostly accidental.