we tweet all day long.

Seriously, these days the best conversations are started on Twitter.

@squidpod Yep. A big thumbs down to Rock Band. Sorry all who like it... just learn to play real instruments already. Even if it's bagpipes.

squidpod@missvoltage Although I totally would buy an all bag-pipe game...

missvoltage@squidpod Haha! But I guess it would be more like wii fit than a music game...? w/ the main objective being to increase your lung capacity.

squidpodNote to self invent "Bag-Pipe Hero"

NotoriousSUZ@squidpod should be sold in a combo back with Didgerid-ero

missvoltage@NotoriousSUZ @squidpod BAGPIPE HERO w/ didgeridoo extension pack. Brilliant. Would be a good drinking game, I'm guessing.

Business as usual.

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