i don't want bobby learning about fishes what grow legs, or gays.

Evolution classes optional under proposed Alberta law

Okay... while I am admittedly at times NOT the most liberal-minded person on Earth, I think this is stupid. I get that parents would ideally like their kids to grow up with their exact set of beliefs and principles, but to have the ability to deny them knowledge about topics as common as religion, and the theory of evolution? Please. I was a kid once, and I didn't really have a choice where learning about these things was concerned. When I grew older, I made up my own mind about everything that had been taught to me over the years, and either accepted it or called bullshit. The point is, kids will grow up to be whoever they are going to be eventually. There is very little parents can do to control that (outside of locking them in a basement closet, and feeding them minimally on water and gruel), so let them learn something. I obviously didn't agree with everything I learned over the course of my education with the Catholic School system, but at least learning about it allowed me to make up my mind WHY I didn't agree with it, rather than having my parents say "We don't believe in this stuff, you don't get to hear about it". Yes, religion is mostly smokescreens and snake oil, in my opinion, but that doesn't mean kids shouldn't learn about it first. And to those parents who want this bill to pass, give your heads a shake... or just fucking pull your kids out of the school system altogether and start the new Jonestown. You know you wanna.


Squidpod said...

I think you are pro shut-the-fuckup and anti don't-be-retarded. I can get behind this.

Susie said...

"fishes what grow legs, or gays." *snort*

missvoltage said...

I pretty much don't like anything stupid. Well... unless it's kind of stupidly awesome.

Maybe the 'bobby' of post title would be more aptly named 'cletus'.