not the same thing, part 4.

I may as well get this one out of the way now.

VEGAN cupcakes:


REGULAR cupcakes:

Okay, so I didn't bother to include an actual picture of a vegan cupcake, since it looks pretty much EXACTLY like a regular cupcake. Looks, however, are the beginning and the end of the similarity... because vegan cupcakes taste like fucking dog food.
And I mean that to be as though I know what dog food tastes like (I don't know). And by that, I mean that vegan cupcakes are a nasty, nasty deception. Yes, I get that not everybody wants to or can partake in animal-based products, but the main reason that real cupcakes taste so good has to do with one ingredient that is completely absent for their animal-friendly counterparts. Butter. Yep. Take the butter out of the equation and it tastes like sugary cardboard dog food. So don't be fooled by their good looks, vegan cupcakes are exactly how they sound. Disgusting.


(alien cupcake pic courtesy Natalie Dee: http://www.nataliedee.com/)


Susie said...

That picture is radtastic.

missvoltage said...

Yes, yes it is! I <3 Natalie Dee!


Tip Tap Tip said...

Somebody in our office once brought vegan cupcakes to work and was offering them around. I would say they tasted like cardboard but cardboard probably tastes better. I managed to "take one for the team" and the rest were eaten by other unfortunate bastards.

missvoltage said...

Ha! You're right... cardboard probably DOES taste better. I honestly believe that by going vegan, baking is one of the delicious things you just have to give up, since there is no way to replicate the flavor that butter provides. I mean, they can't honestly believe baked goods w/out the key ingredient actually tastes good...? Or maybe their taste buds are shot from everything being so bland that they really have no idea.