parents are good at one thing...

So, you all know that I'm holed up in my folks' basement while I shop around for condos/houses to buy. It's really not a bad deal all in all... the free dog-sitting is nice, and also the not-currently-having-bills-to-pay-other-than-car-related thing.
But what IS it about parents and food? By that I mean that parents ALWAYS seem to think you are starving/not eating enough/not eating the right things/just not interested in food. Mine are like that, anyway. Seriously, half the time I enter my mom's frame of view, she hands me a banana. "You need to eat this" she says. Um... okay. Random banana that I just 'need' to eat. In fact, having them around means that I am pretty much 'not allowed' to skip meals (it's easier at lunch time because I'm usually at work, so they'll never know whether or not I actually consumed anything). And after meals, they are always handing me some sort of fruit, like I'm not already full from the lasagna or meatloaf I just had a large plate of. On top of that my folks seem to think I'm starving, they always make comments about how I maybe could stand to lose a couple of pounds.

Oh. Okay...


Let me get this straight... you think I am malnourished, and yet I need to lose weight?

So, you see why I really need to find a great place to live sooner than later. Parents are awesome, but the one thing they really seem to excel at is making us fat.

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