absentee blogger.

Welcome to the part of the year where I totally neglect my blog. Whatever.

So, while I kind of hate forms of exercise like yoga, tai chi (sp?), and pilates, at least I get why they can be used as forms of exercise (um... why does the word 'exercise' look so wrong to me right now even though I'm sure I'm spelling it correctly?). What I DON'T really get is this whole phenomenon of people doing pole dancing to get in shape. Okay, so I can see that it may require physical fitness and whatnot to do pole dancing, but to me it's just fucking skeezy (again... sp?).
To make things worse, there are people I actually know (not mentioning names, but people with KIDS even) that participate in this form of exercise. Whatever happened to just plain old going to the gym and pumping iron?

This may be so five years ago, but I still don't understand the appeal. I mean, these people tell me it's fun, but I think I would find it hard to tell someone with a straight face that I pole danced to keep in shape. It just comes across as a little bit trashy to me, and I think I'd rather stick to the classics... even if tai chi is kind of boring (dude, it is kung fu slowed down to a snail's crawl), and yoga is for hippies.



Eric said...

I see where you're coming from.

It's kind of like the workout montage from Rocky 4 where he's chopping wood, pulling logs and shit. Fuck the Bowflex! Give me a fucking boulder to lift!

missvoltage said...

That's it, exactly! Thighmaster be damned!