screw you, hippie.

The topic today is about going out to restaurants/the bar/in general when you're a hippie. Okay, so not just if you're a hippie, but if you're poor or on a budget.

Should you do it, or should you not do it?

My friend and I went out to the Ship yesterday for a burger and a couple of beer. No big deal, since we are both gainfully employed individuals. We sat at a table with a couple of hippies who were drinking beer. After awhile when they were done drinking, they put some money down on the table and took off. We had a look at what they had left, and it embarrassingly included a bunch of small change, notably pennies. Our waitress came and picked it up, and grumbled that at least they paid the tab, while we felt bad for her because we knew that she'd have tip out the rest of the staff out of her own pocket.

When you go out somewhere, you don't actually have to do anything. You sit at a table and the server brings you everything you ask for. What you are tipping for is their services. I would understand not tipping if you had to put your own beer or cook your own food at an establishment, but that's not the case. If all you can afford is to pay for your meal/beverage, then you are not really paying for anything at all... but believe it or not, there are still people who don't understand the concept of tipping. Having worked in the service industry when I was younger, I can say with a straight face that there isn't a lot of money in it. There is quite a significant reliance on the tips of patrons in order to pay the bills. If you really can't afford this gratuity, then you really need to stay home. It is possible to buy a case of beer and some food for under $20, and you don't need to tip anybody. Sure, it's not the same ambiance as sitting on a patio in the sunshine, while someone brings you your booze, and you don't have to eat KD right out of the pot on your sofa, but that ambiance is a luxury. If you can't afford to pay, fair and square, for that luxury, then you have no place on that restaurant/bar.

What do you think? Please weigh in if you can.


Susie said...

Also, dreadlocks are gross. To quote a close, personal friend of mine, "They're like poo"

missvoltage said...

HAHA! That was said very recently...

Yes, dreadlocks are repulsive. They are also pretentious because of the amount of people who have them who are not Rastafarians.

e said...

And yet if they were confronted I'm sure they would spew off some pseudo-intellectual bullshit against Capitalism.

Either that or Mommy and Daddy forgot to give them their allowance this week.

Fucking hippies!

missvoltage said...

Ugh, exactly. I have no problem with having the certain hippyish tendencies, but I draw the line at being cheap, refusing to shower more than once a week, and spouting off about things that they aren't even really behind just to have something to complain about.

I'm no hippie, and even I was poor enough at some point to sit at home eating peanut butter sandwiches on stale bread, while drinking Black Label. Fuckers.