what do you think?

So, a lot of people seem to think ferrets are good pets. Okay, so here is a picture of some baby ones in a glass:

Sure, so they're kinda cute. But... BUT... ferrets are also known as weasels. And weasels are normally categorized along with rats, squirrels, etc. as being pests.
I guess what I really want to know was when this practice of domesticating such creatures to keep as pets started. I mean, when did someone first pick up a large sewer rat and go "aw, what a great little companion this would make"???
I, personally, prefer traditional pets like dogs, cats, birds, and hamsters (yeah, so hamsters are rodents, but I had one as a toddler so I'm a bit biased). That's just how some of us are. What's your take on keeping critters such as ferrets and rats as pets in the home?


Susie said...

Also they stink!

missvoltage said...

Yes, yes they do. My friend's sister had one that she always carried around in her backpack. It was really stinky. I think they probably have some sort of stink gland that makes them that way, because it's not like she didn't ever give that thing a bath...